Founded in 1977, Wilson International Frozen Foods Ltd. (“Wilson Foods”) is a trusted importer and distributor of exceptional quality products and specializes in frozen and chilled wagyu and beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, smoked fish, cured ham, truffles, potato products, pasta, seasonings, dairy, confectionery, coffee and beverages.

As one of the industry’s leading importers in Hong Kong, we carry many of the world’s leading brands, such as IBP, National Beef, Cargill and proprietary brands, such as British Royal Warrant Holder Donald Russell, USA McCain, Canadian Montpak, London’s Ridgways, London’s Prestat, Italian Inaudi, French Larnaudie, USA Ghirardelli foodservice, etc. Most of which are award-winning and all meet or exceed the global standards of quality as well as food safety and hygiene.

With almost 40 years of robust experience, we have now a strong customer base covering all segments. We source and deliver a wide array of global innovative and high quality products to restaurants, bars, cafes, quick-service restaurants, supermarkets, airlines, catering and clubhouses as well as the world’s finest gourmet foods to Hong Kong’s most recognizable restaurants, hotels and gourmet shops.

With our offices in China, our customer base and distribution network have covered the south, north and the heart of China. This experienced distribution network has helped us to market the renowned brands successfully into the China market.

We are dedicated to accommodate the needs of our customers and further expand our business. Gourmet Online Food Store and Sens Wine Cellar were then established. With our already solid operation and logistics system, we maximize our service and market our brands directly to consumers through Gourmet Online Food Store. Sens Wine Cellar envisions a good wine that flourishes with intrinsic value and took the initiative to import Bulgarian Enira wine which positively surprised the market. Apart from the New World wines, Sens Wine Cellar also has a large collection of Chateau Angelus, Chateau Bellevue, La Fleur de Bouard and Chateau Canon la Gaffeliere with different formats which are most sought after by wine collectors.

To solidify our business, we have a group of sales and marketing professionals who are empowered with tenacious persistence. Through various exhibitions, promotions and advertisements, we combine innovative ingredients and brand-building skills to attain mutual success with our clients and suppliers.
We value our genuine partnerships with our suppliers and clients. It is our unwavering commitment to build a strong and long-term bond with our suppliers to ensure a stable supply of products, finest and constant quality and the best prices. We are devoted to collaborate on finding solutions that work best for our client’s specific needs. It is our passion to search the authentic specialty foods for the local market and help the culinary arts and food culture step to the next level.

We believe in endless opportunities. We strive to expand our business in China by extending the variety of quality products and broadening our distribution network.

To match with the growing demand for customized food solutions, we are committed to continuously upgrade our food processing facilities as well as food safety and hygiene standards.

We dedicate ourselves to enhance the capabilities and expertise of our staff and aim to provide excellent service and innovative ideas to our clients.

We pursue social responsibility and give back to the society we live in. We commit ourselves to inspire wellness by sponsoring various local sporting events and advocate a healthy lifestyle with top quality natural foods.

To meet our vast demand for storage space, we have chartered a cold store with 10,000MT capacity as well as an ambient and a temperature controlled store space.
We develop and deliver personalized solutions and value-added services to our clients. Our own processing plants with well-trained workers and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to slice, de-bone, marinate and re-pack the raw materials and process them according to our clients’ special recipes. We pride ourselves in our own private brand “Cuisine” which has been successfully marketed in various supermarkets and retail shops.
To maximize our service to our clients, we run our own fleet of 16 ambient and refrigerated trucks and provide delivery service every day.
To maintain our service to the ever-growing customer base, we also have contracted delivery service from Kerry Logistics, an Asia’s premier logistics provider.