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Founded in 1977, Wilson International Frozen Foods Ltd. (“Wilson Foods”) is a trusted importer and distributor of exceptional quality products and specializes in frozen and chilled wagyu and beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry, seafood, smoked fish, cured ham, truffles, potato products, pasta, seasonings, dairy, confectionery, coffee and beverages.
As one of the industry’s leading importers in Hong Kong, we carry many of the world’s leading brands, such as IBP, National Beef, Cargill and proprietary brands, such as British Royal Warrant Holder Donald Russell, USA McCain, Canadian Montpak, London’s Ridgways, London’s Prestat, Italian Inaudi, French Larnaudie, USA Ghirardelli foodservice, etc. Most of which are award-winning and all meet or exceed the global standards of quality as well as food safety and hygiene.